Thursday, April 14, 2011

Its Over !

still taken from video 24.3.11
I moved out of Thirning Villa and finished off my residency over two weeks ago now. The Sound of Everything, my final installation/performance went well. I would, as ever, have liked to be more prepared for it.... but.... i knew I was trying to achieve slightly more than was quite possible. I am glad i aimed for the impossible. Much of the work was in building the theoretical framework and ideas for the project - finding ways to make sense of and articulate the work I do- the work which somehow emanates from me- which has a life of its own- which demands my attention irrespective of my wishes at times but which is wholly at one with my passions. The work has only just begun, as my creative process seems to centre itself in the documentation. Editing through the footage from 5 cameras- stills and video- creating stills from video footage- editing video - creating montages out of the footage- tweaking sounds- this is all in process now. It is many hours and is quite an intense process of reflection and criticism. Looking intently at what has been, opens up so many windows of possibility for the future of the project.

Ruth Allen's installation 24.3.11
photo Nina Kourea
It warms my heart that I have come up with the idea of an ongoing project. As it means the work I have done and am doing will feed directly into the next steps I take- what ever they may be. The first week after finishing the residency I was as ever bamboozled by the gaping lack of meaning that is always left when a big project is over. Suddenly I must rewrite my priority list- work out what happens next- my mind grappling with reality. Somehow I find it easier to deal with mundane reality when my whole being is consumed by a creative project. Creating aesthetic worlds- places within which our sensory capacities can be harnessed to the full- places with a sensory softness which allow us to open our eyes, ears, hearts and minds to their full extent. This is my passion. A society which has as a norm - social spaces where music gradually gets louder and more dangerous to the ears as the kegs of beer are drained and the punters get gradually deafer to reality in the short and long term must surely be questioned? Perhaps that is a conversation for some time and place else. Right now I will get back to editing and also finishing off my evaluation. Ciao