Monday, March 14, 2011

A few weeks left!!

Wow.... time has flown.. in between moving house and performing "Fragments" at the NGA and coordinating the drum activities for the Carnival of Cultures... life has been busy. The big news is I have finally been inviting people to come and participate in "The Sound of Everything" on the 24th of March at Thirning Villa. It will be an installation / performance piece with a number of phases.

Phase 1 : installation mode : a number of different spaces will be set up with sound and vision- One of these will incorporate live sound and vision making.

Phase 2 : performance mode : the performance of a number of my songs and a piano piece, with accompanying projected images and special guest musicians, including the wonderful Noah Hampson and Kevin White.

Phase 3 : improvisation/jam mode : with as many of my improvising collaborators who are in the mood : )

The current blurb goes something like this.

The Sound of Everything

an ongoing project

music, dance, film, installation, sound design

creating spaces to trans - form in

7.30pm : 24th of March : Thirning Villa : Ashfield Sydney


sound- form - movement

ancient traditions - new technologies

improvisation - consciousness - integration

creative collaboration - shared visions- collective action

The Sound of Everything aims to create contexts in which practicing artists and community members can communicate and experiment with maintaining ancient improvisational forms and creating/consolidating new shared creative languages and more coherent, sustainable and satisfying performative contexts and creative processes.

The over arching theme of the project is the relationship between sound, form and movement. This theme operates as a theoretical underpinning, an aesthetic ground swell and a basis for choosing methodologies which prioritise improvisation, collaboration and process and which nurtures performance and creativity as means of inspiring conscious evolution.

For more thoughts on this project see my blog entry here on - leave me a message with your thoughts : )