Sunday, June 26, 2011

Video Documentation from Installation/Performance March 2011

Somehow 3 months have passed. I have always found grasping the concept of time challenging - So changeable, amorphous and impossible to conceive or predict its perceived procession. Winter is here - solstice this week - the days warm & sunny to snowing & icy winds foretelling the shifting axis of the planets. I have completed an edit of all of the documentation from 'The Sound of Everything' My installation/performance at Thirning Villa - the culmination of my residency. Having 5 documenters present is great on one hand but also results in many more hours of editing : ) I hope you enjoy!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Sound of Everything

Some photos from 'The Sound of Everything' the installation/performance at the end of my Artist in Residence at Thirning Villa. Photos by Nina Kourea, Carolyn Nowaczyk, Selwyn Hunt and stills I grabbed from video footage shot by Sue Wix and Carolyn Nowaczyk.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Its Over !

still taken from video 24.3.11
I moved out of Thirning Villa and finished off my residency over two weeks ago now. The Sound of Everything, my final installation/performance went well. I would, as ever, have liked to be more prepared for it.... but.... i knew I was trying to achieve slightly more than was quite possible. I am glad i aimed for the impossible. Much of the work was in building the theoretical framework and ideas for the project - finding ways to make sense of and articulate the work I do- the work which somehow emanates from me- which has a life of its own- which demands my attention irrespective of my wishes at times but which is wholly at one with my passions. The work has only just begun, as my creative process seems to centre itself in the documentation. Editing through the footage from 5 cameras- stills and video- creating stills from video footage- editing video - creating montages out of the footage- tweaking sounds- this is all in process now. It is many hours and is quite an intense process of reflection and criticism. Looking intently at what has been, opens up so many windows of possibility for the future of the project.

Ruth Allen's installation 24.3.11
photo Nina Kourea
It warms my heart that I have come up with the idea of an ongoing project. As it means the work I have done and am doing will feed directly into the next steps I take- what ever they may be. The first week after finishing the residency I was as ever bamboozled by the gaping lack of meaning that is always left when a big project is over. Suddenly I must rewrite my priority list- work out what happens next- my mind grappling with reality. Somehow I find it easier to deal with mundane reality when my whole being is consumed by a creative project. Creating aesthetic worlds- places within which our sensory capacities can be harnessed to the full- places with a sensory softness which allow us to open our eyes, ears, hearts and minds to their full extent. This is my passion. A society which has as a norm - social spaces where music gradually gets louder and more dangerous to the ears as the kegs of beer are drained and the punters get gradually deafer to reality in the short and long term must surely be questioned? Perhaps that is a conversation for some time and place else. Right now I will get back to editing and also finishing off my evaluation. Ciao

Monday, March 14, 2011

A few weeks left!!

Wow.... time has flown.. in between moving house and performing "Fragments" at the NGA and coordinating the drum activities for the Carnival of Cultures... life has been busy. The big news is I have finally been inviting people to come and participate in "The Sound of Everything" on the 24th of March at Thirning Villa. It will be an installation / performance piece with a number of phases.

Phase 1 : installation mode : a number of different spaces will be set up with sound and vision- One of these will incorporate live sound and vision making.

Phase 2 : performance mode : the performance of a number of my songs and a piano piece, with accompanying projected images and special guest musicians, including the wonderful Noah Hampson and Kevin White.

Phase 3 : improvisation/jam mode : with as many of my improvising collaborators who are in the mood : )

The current blurb goes something like this.

The Sound of Everything

an ongoing project

music, dance, film, installation, sound design

creating spaces to trans - form in

7.30pm : 24th of March : Thirning Villa : Ashfield Sydney


sound- form - movement

ancient traditions - new technologies

improvisation - consciousness - integration

creative collaboration - shared visions- collective action

The Sound of Everything aims to create contexts in which practicing artists and community members can communicate and experiment with maintaining ancient improvisational forms and creating/consolidating new shared creative languages and more coherent, sustainable and satisfying performative contexts and creative processes.

The over arching theme of the project is the relationship between sound, form and movement. This theme operates as a theoretical underpinning, an aesthetic ground swell and a basis for choosing methodologies which prioritise improvisation, collaboration and process and which nurtures performance and creativity as means of inspiring conscious evolution.

For more thoughts on this project see my blog entry here on - leave me a message with your thoughts : )

Monday, February 14, 2011

New Artist in Residence & National Gallery of Australia

I discovered some great news that, by sheer coincidence, an old friend of mine is taking over from me at Thirning Villa as Artist in Residence in March. We worked together many years ago on a theatre project based around the stories of young migrants. It was a very powerful show.
Here is a link to her website : )

After my drum and dance classes at Thirning Villa this week, both of which I am loving, I am off to Canberra for a Dance Theatre performance at the National Gallery of Australia. I will be dancing, singing, drumming and performing my new piano work 'Kandinsky'. Exciting : ) Here is a link to the NGA website.

More information here

Monday, January 31, 2011

Dance at Thirning Villa for 4 Weeks

Rhythm and Dance
with Marianthe Loucataris

Explore Hilal Dance body work and movement with a focus on the rhythmicity of the body. 

Hilal Dance training is a holistic practice of integrating, body, mind, emotion. It is a means of training for life- of developing strength, fitness, flexibility and increasing our ability to express ourselves physically. It develops a means of feeling at home, strong, flexible, expressive and joyous in our bodies !

For total beginners as well as dancers experienced in any form of dance, yoga or physical practice from tai chi, contemporary, folk or cultural dance.

Venue :  Thirning Villa

Dates :  Feb 1 - February 22

Tuesday Evenings
6pm- 7pm Body Work and Beginners Dance
7pm - 8pm For those experienced in dance, movement, rhythm from diverse backgrounds.

Bookings Essential

Anthia Hart   Community Development Worker
260 Liverpool Road Ashfield NSW 2131
Tel (02) 9716 1866

Back from the Pacific Islands

I just returned from an impromptu trip to the Pacific Islands. It is so beautiful out there. The oceans vastness eased my soul. Put things in perspective. Time, thought and space coalesced into a gliding totality. Shifting silently through the great expanse, every single worldly ambition and fretful desire oozed out of my big toe :) There was some time to think and write ...when I managed to drag myself away from staring into the vast blue. For now here is a photo. There are more on my flikr site.